Thursday, March 31, 2016

Jozette 16 months

I suck at journal writing, so I'm writing it here. 
Jozette can talk, she can. She can say words, such as; hi, bye, dad(dy), mom(mama), yeah, yay, uh oh, butt (thanks to Bella and Tristan), up, hot, banana, night-night and Bella. Oh and hi-ya, but does that count as a word or a sound? That's thanks to watching Tristan at karate.
She also speaks in sentences. She says, "I did it!" " what's that?" And "All gone."
She can sign; more, please, drink, eat, and finish. 
Jozette is one smart cookie. I think watching her older siblings has helped her. She figures out how to move things, so she can climb or reach other things. She knows that time to go means get your shoes. She tries to put them on, and loves to play with shoes. She can throw away her own diaper in the genie and helps put the wipes and changing pad away. She's been walking for three months and now does a slight run. She dances, squats, and can lift a 3 lbs weight with both hands/arms. She can get on the iPad, find her box labeled baby, and open one of her apps. Yeah, that was a shocker in church during Sunday school. She's observant, loves her siblings, and is a goofball. Blows raspberries, and laughs all,the time. Pokes you and laughs. Give you innocent smiles, and flirts with older men. Like 20'and older. She is super social, but still a mamas girl. Such a happy spirit. I love her!