Sunday, December 20, 2015

Annabella's first recital

Today was a dream come true! Last year we put Bella in dance at an amazing studio, N'motion, which is owned by my dance teacher. Many of the classes were taught by my old classmates. We loved it there. Sadly, when we moved, we couldn't go there anymore. 
So this year we signed Bella up at Showcase Dance studio. And Becky the owner had worked with Saeah at Anoka High School dance team. So small world. This studio is also next door to Tristan's karate dojo. So everything is close and in town. Any who, there were a few things that I wasn't loving about this studio, but, the teachers are nice, and bella likes it. Also the older girls do have good technique, so that's promising. I will just have to sign Bella up for tumbling and some extra classes. But I digress, this day was a fun exciting day. Bella had been practicing her dance since day one for this recital. She was excited to wear her costume, have her make up done, and dance on stage. I too was looking forward to these things. I remember my mom doing my makeup and hair and feeling pretty. And I love dance, loved being on stage, so it's fun to see bella doing the same thing, and liking it too. 
We got ready, and went to the wrong school. So instead of being 5mins early, we were 10 minutes late. But we didn't miss anything, still had plenty of time. Bella looked fantastic, and did fantastic. 
She knew all of her steps, and got to be in the center and front. I was so proud of her, I cried. I've turned into my mother. Lol. She was so beautiful, was having fun, and brave. Her whole class did well. Although it was on a gym floor and not a stage, it still was so fun. 
I got Bella after her dance, and we watched the other classes. Bella kept saying, "I'm a pretty dancer, and danced on stage. Everyone clapped for me!" " I want to dance like those girls! (The older classes)"
Jozette was dancing and clapping and enjoying it too! So I think she will be a dancer too. Bella wants Jozette to dance with her. After the recital, we went to dinner at Pizza Ranch. It was pretty good. Overall, Bella said it was the best day ever!  Here are some of the dance pictures, which you might have seen on facebook. Lol love my tiny dancer! 

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