Sunday, October 4, 2015

General conference notes

These are mostly for me. Just my quick notes from conference, of the sessions I was able to watch and actually take notes. 

Thomas S monson
I am different. I living the gospel and upholding morals will make me different. I living the gospel will be the light in this darkening world. I need to read my scriptures, pray, and do the same with my family. 

Elder Nelson
I am important to the church, to my husband. I need to be organized, be the teacher of what is right. Raise sin resistant children. The lord loves me, I am a daughter of God! I am needed, and important. I need to set the standard and example of righteousness in my home. 
Man was designed to be with woman. I need to be vigilant in keeping the spirit in my home. To discern evil and deception. Our world is going to get worse on battles of morals, the church is going to be under attack. I need to be strong in my faith. 

I need to keep the sabith day holy. 
People are attacking the laws of God given since the start of time. We need to share that there is a loving Heavenly Father, savior Jesus Christ, and restored truthfulness of the gospel. 
Happiness and peace can be secured in this life, by living his Commandments. 

The Holy Ghost can help us resist temptation, discern truth from deception. Our faith in God is verified by Holy Ghost. We need a constant influence of truth. We need the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. But we can do things that prevent the Holy Ghost from being with us. 
When you are doing what's right the holy ghost is with you. When you feel the spirit telling you to do something, do it! Then you will be brought closer to constant companionship and making more right decisions. The lord will send his spirit to help when you act on the correct impressions. 
Taking the sacrament, keeping the baptismal covenants will help keep the spirit with you, as promised in the prayer. 
We can receive comfort from the Holy Ghost if we make habit form when we are young of reading the scriptures and praying, and asking for the Holy Ghost to be with us. 
We also need to repent often  and be clean. 
The spirit will enlighten your mind and bring you joy. 

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