Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Public Service Announcment: Our family is becoming cheap, frugal home bodies. 
As many of you know, jordan has been working long hours and we don't see him much. We have a two year plan to get rid of all credit card and loan debt. With that said, starting in October we are cutting our spending tremendously. What this means is, less going places, eating out, and spending less on gifts. Please know that we are putting a $20 limit on gifts for others. If you wish to spend that same amount or less on my kids, I am fine with that. I'm also cutting back my driving and only going to one fun place a month aside from driving for errands which I already try to consolidate. 
I don't want jordan to have to work like this forever, so every extra penny is going to help us reach our goal. It's only for two years. You could say, we are going on a money mission. Lol We are also going to be combining our kids birthday parties. This way I only have to spend money on the food, location, favors, etc, once. 
We've already cut up all credit cards, switched to basic phones to save on our phone bill, and only have Netflix. No cable or other TV services. We got rid of all monthly member ships, and are only keeping dance for bella and karate for tristan. I also make a weekly gas and shopping budget and make my menu fit into that. 
Now You might be asking what Jor and I get to do for fun? 
Well we are trying to make it a point to go on a date once a week, and have it be a mostly free activity and can then go out to eat and only spend $20. Saturday's are our days to do this, or get stuff done, or see friends. Sunday's will be family day and church. Trying to spend that time at home, so the kids can see jordan. 
I'm doing Bella's preschool at home so I don't have to pay for that, and I am only doing facebook Usborne parties so I'm not spending extra money on that. 
It's amazing all these things we can cut out so we can live simply, and reach our goals. It's hard, but will be worh it. Like Dave Ramsey says, "live like no one else, so you can live like no one else" basically, be cheap till out of debt, so you can have the freedoms later. 
I know if Jor and I both work hard, stick to the budget and have faith in the Lord, we can accomplish our goals. Debt really is bondage, and I feel a slave to a master when paying off debts. I don't want to feel that way. I want to pay cash for everything, have a large savings for emergencies, and spend smart. Thus I will be able to help those in need, help my children, have money for retirement and be ready for whatever finance trial comes our way. 
So please bare with us as we make finacial family changes for the better. 
(I'm even debating selling the acura, but it is nice to have a car that though it's a 2008, doesn't need any major work done to it, aside from a slow leaking tire, and is reliable incase the van ever crapped out. Which by the way is running suburb with all the work Jor has done to it. It's nice having a paid off vehicle, and a sexy mechanic who works on it.😉)

Our awesome basic touch phones. I miss my iPhone, but am making due. 
Had to put jewel stickers on my phone to tell it apart from Jordan's. They don't make many cases for it. 

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