Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It finally happened!

Tristan finally learned how to ride his bike on two wheels. For months I knew he could, he just lacked the will and confidence. As we struggled with this task, and showed him that the 3 three year olds across the street could ride a two wheeler, I thought he'd never want to do it. He would ride with training wheels that wouldn't even touch the ground most of the the time. But he needed that safety net. I stopped trying to force it and the bike sat for two months. 

I watched this video on what it's like for autistic kids dealing with everyday things, like taking a showe, how thats a struggle. And it is. When I try to help him wash his hair, he screams. The sensory overload of the shower is too much at times. But he's too big for the tub and doesn't fit. And the video talked about how it takes them longer to learn to ride their bikes, when all their friends can, and they can't. I burst into tears at that point. So I bought him a scooter. His friends had a scooter too, so I thought at least he can scoot around with them and not be left out. That worked till yesterday. 

We have a dirt road near our neighborhood that is fun to walk on. Yesterday his buddy Haakon was going on a bike ride with his family and invited tristan to go on the first road with them. I asked Tristan if they were scootering or biking. I knew you couldn't take a scooter on there easily. He said bike, so I told him he couldn't go unless he road his bike. He wanted to try right then and there. So we did.

It took him one time in the grass. He peddled and was off, all on his own. Then we tried on the road, and off he went. I was so happy for him. He was so happy. His friends were so happy for him! He just decided he wanted to, finally had the confidence, and off he went. 

It's funny what joy this brings me. A little milestone that seemed like a mountain for us. He can do it! He can ride his bike. He is a little more Tristan and a little less, Tristan who is autistic and has trouble. It's not that it is a bad thing to be autistic, but when I see the heart break and stress it causes him when he wants to be like his friends, it's moments like this that I can breath. He did it! He road his bike! 

I have a video, but it won't let me add it to the blog. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A month of first!

Hi there, because I have decided to not have facebook be my main way of sharing my life, I'm going to try and blog more. 
This month we had some first. As some saw, tristan lost his first tooth and Jozette got her first two teeth. So we got Jozette her first toothbrush, and she loves it. She loves chewing on it and having her mouth cleaned. 

Another first is Tristan started karate, and tomorrow starts Hip-hop. He is loving karate. He is so proud to show off his moves, and feels strong. He also loves ninjas, so this is perfect. 

Annabella started her dance class today. This is her second class. We are at a new studio in Elk River by our home. While I miss Nmotion and Sarah, I'm happy with this studio because the owner used to work with Sarah, and that makes me feel better. Plus they focus on technique, terms and fun. 

Sote to second

So enjoy the pictures, we sure have a busy year ahead of us.