Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jozette Rosalie Thibodeau

This is the story of The birth of Jozette Rosalie Thibodeau born November 29th, 2014 at 12:29pm, one day after her due date. She weighed 8lbs and was 20 inches even. Our smallest babe.

The day before Jozette was born was Black Friday. I had been out shopping Thanksgiving night and getting weird looks, I guess I looked ready to pop. I had been having little contractions on and off and knew Jozette was coming that weekend. I sent the kids to Nana's in preparation. On Black Friday, Jor and I went to lunch at P.F Chang's with my mom to get spicy chicken to help labor move along. I had done a lot of walking and just wanted to encourage things to keep going. We just enjoyed the day and waited for things to happen.
On November 29th I woke up at 5:30am to bloody show, no contractions, and Jozette was very still. Now when I say bloody show, I mean, a lot! So I got worried. Called the midwife and told her I was coming in. Left the house at 6am. While driving to Abbott, I called the Doula and told them what was going on. We arrived in triage around 6:30. My midwife checked me, said bleeding was fine, and I was at a 4 and 50% effaced. This would be the only time I was checked.While in triage I starting having really strong contractions really close together, and POP!!!!! My water broke. Felt like a water balloon bursting inside of me. I gushed and unfortunately it was yellow. That means that Jozette had pooped inside. This meant that a pediatrician would be present at the birth and there could be a possibility that she could aspirate the meconium, needing medical attention. This happened at 7am. I cried a bit from fear and from the fact that this was all happening so fast. Wasn't long after I had my water broken with Bella that she was here. I didn't feel ready at that moment. I expected to labor longer. The decision was made to admit me, and put me in a L&D room. The triage nurse gave me a high-five as I walked out. Lol.
After we were settled in L&D my contractions slowed, my Doula came, and I was able to relax and get my pic line in case of an emergent situation being a VBAC. I took about an hour nap listening to my hypnobirithing CD, the was encouraged to walk around and get things moving again, my Doula, Kerry, was a great company and encouragement. It was nice to have her help along win Jordan's. Walking wasn't really doing much, I had to run to really feel anything. So both my Doula and my Midwife Annie suggested nipple stimulation. So we headed to the room, I ate a snack, it was around lunch time, and told the midwife we'd probably have a baby around 3pm the way things were moving. We had done nipple stimulation with Bella and it didn't help do anything. So I didn't think it would make things faster. I okay'd my Doula and midwife to grab lunch.
I positioned myself comfortably on my side, covered in my blankets. After 15 minutes of stimulation I could suddenly feel Jozette drop into my pelvis and she was coming. Contractions picked up, were strong and every 30seconds. I went from no contractions, to bam! Her she is. I kicked off all the covers and told jor to get whoever he could find because the baby was coming. He got the nurse, and when she came in, I had a moment of weakness and asked for Fetinal. Bless her, she said no and that we were just going to have this baby, the pressure on my hips was so painful I couldn't move. They had to cut my underwear off because I couldn't move. My body started pushing, I told jor to text the doula to come back, in came the midwife. They asked me to lift my leg because I was pushing on my side with my legs closed. I couldn't do it. My hips were immobilizing me. The nurse held my leg, and I pushed with the contraction. In came my doula, just in time. She hadn't gotten the text because jor text the wrong person. Lol. Both her and Jordan encouraged me. My midwife supporting me and telling me to listen to my body. Another contraction another push. And it hurt! I asked if they could pull her out yet, nope. Had one more push. I gave it all I got. Had to stop and breath for a warm compress to not tear, pushed, stopped to get cord from around her neck, push, and out she came! I pushed for 10 minutes, and boom, there she was. She wasn't crying at first so they took her, rubbed her, and all was fine. She didn't aspirate any meconium. They brought her to me, and she was beautiful! What a sweet moment. Held her skin to skin, and then the trouble began. Out came the placenta. It was a bit calcified. (That combined with her peely hands and feet suggested she was over due, but her jaundice, suggested early. So right on time). While holding her the nurse asked if I felt ok, if I was dizzy. I felt great! But my blood pressure was extremely low. I gave Jozette to Jordan. I was hemorrhaging , and this hurt worse then pushing her out. They had to push on my uterus to get it contract, and thank goodness for the pic line, I needed pitocen to help stop the bleeding and get my uterus to contract. And thank goodness for Kerry letting me squeeze her hand while I yelled stop and break from the pushing on my stomach.
After a lot of pain and pushing on my uterus, I was finally OK and just got to bond with my baby. I soaked in these moments, knowing she was my last. Right after I pushed her out, I said I was done. Our family felt complete, and my body felt done. It was amazing to have gone in labor on my own, no castor oil, no pitocin to keep things moving. Everything was natural, med free. Until after. It was just the experience I wanted. It was about 6 hours form start to finish, hardly any contractions, no pain until she was coming out.  It was my perfect labor and delivery.
Such a joy and blessing the whole experience was, and I am so blessed to have this sweet girl as part of our family. I am also blessed to have a supportive husband, who didn't have to do much other then just enjoy the experience.

thanks to Ashley Edan photography for the pictures of Jozette Rosalie