Sunday, December 20, 2015

Annabella's first recital

Today was a dream come true! Last year we put Bella in dance at an amazing studio, N'motion, which is owned by my dance teacher. Many of the classes were taught by my old classmates. We loved it there. Sadly, when we moved, we couldn't go there anymore. 
So this year we signed Bella up at Showcase Dance studio. And Becky the owner had worked with Saeah at Anoka High School dance team. So small world. This studio is also next door to Tristan's karate dojo. So everything is close and in town. Any who, there were a few things that I wasn't loving about this studio, but, the teachers are nice, and bella likes it. Also the older girls do have good technique, so that's promising. I will just have to sign Bella up for tumbling and some extra classes. But I digress, this day was a fun exciting day. Bella had been practicing her dance since day one for this recital. She was excited to wear her costume, have her make up done, and dance on stage. I too was looking forward to these things. I remember my mom doing my makeup and hair and feeling pretty. And I love dance, loved being on stage, so it's fun to see bella doing the same thing, and liking it too. 
We got ready, and went to the wrong school. So instead of being 5mins early, we were 10 minutes late. But we didn't miss anything, still had plenty of time. Bella looked fantastic, and did fantastic. 
She knew all of her steps, and got to be in the center and front. I was so proud of her, I cried. I've turned into my mother. Lol. She was so beautiful, was having fun, and brave. Her whole class did well. Although it was on a gym floor and not a stage, it still was so fun. 
I got Bella after her dance, and we watched the other classes. Bella kept saying, "I'm a pretty dancer, and danced on stage. Everyone clapped for me!" " I want to dance like those girls! (The older classes)"
Jozette was dancing and clapping and enjoying it too! So I think she will be a dancer too. Bella wants Jozette to dance with her. After the recital, we went to dinner at Pizza Ranch. It was pretty good. Overall, Bella said it was the best day ever!  Here are some of the dance pictures, which you might have seen on facebook. Lol love my tiny dancer! 

Ren fest

We went to the Renaissance festival in late August. This has been a traditon for me since I can remember. It's fun to share it with my kids and jordan now. I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Bella and Jozette are fairy princesses and tristan a knight, and I a Lady. Jor has no costume yet. Some year. It was fun having my mom with us too, as she instilled the traditon. 
We saw the fire show, fairy forest, puke and snot, ate beer cheese soup in a bread bowl, 2 pickles, the best chocolate macaroons, burgers, ice cream, and I think that's it. I actually only ate the soup and macaroon. Had lots of Apple cider and water since it was hot. Loved looking at the shops, watching a very cool science show, and just being at the fest. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

General conference notes

These are mostly for me. Just my quick notes from conference, of the sessions I was able to watch and actually take notes. 

Thomas S monson
I am different. I living the gospel and upholding morals will make me different. I living the gospel will be the light in this darkening world. I need to read my scriptures, pray, and do the same with my family. 

Elder Nelson
I am important to the church, to my husband. I need to be organized, be the teacher of what is right. Raise sin resistant children. The lord loves me, I am a daughter of God! I am needed, and important. I need to set the standard and example of righteousness in my home. 
Man was designed to be with woman. I need to be vigilant in keeping the spirit in my home. To discern evil and deception. Our world is going to get worse on battles of morals, the church is going to be under attack. I need to be strong in my faith. 

I need to keep the sabith day holy. 
People are attacking the laws of God given since the start of time. We need to share that there is a loving Heavenly Father, savior Jesus Christ, and restored truthfulness of the gospel. 
Happiness and peace can be secured in this life, by living his Commandments. 

The Holy Ghost can help us resist temptation, discern truth from deception. Our faith in God is verified by Holy Ghost. We need a constant influence of truth. We need the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. But we can do things that prevent the Holy Ghost from being with us. 
When you are doing what's right the holy ghost is with you. When you feel the spirit telling you to do something, do it! Then you will be brought closer to constant companionship and making more right decisions. The lord will send his spirit to help when you act on the correct impressions. 
Taking the sacrament, keeping the baptismal covenants will help keep the spirit with you, as promised in the prayer. 
We can receive comfort from the Holy Ghost if we make habit form when we are young of reading the scriptures and praying, and asking for the Holy Ghost to be with us. 
We also need to repent often  and be clean. 
The spirit will enlighten your mind and bring you joy. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Public Service Announcment: Our family is becoming cheap, frugal home bodies. 
As many of you know, jordan has been working long hours and we don't see him much. We have a two year plan to get rid of all credit card and loan debt. With that said, starting in October we are cutting our spending tremendously. What this means is, less going places, eating out, and spending less on gifts. Please know that we are putting a $20 limit on gifts for others. If you wish to spend that same amount or less on my kids, I am fine with that. I'm also cutting back my driving and only going to one fun place a month aside from driving for errands which I already try to consolidate. 
I don't want jordan to have to work like this forever, so every extra penny is going to help us reach our goal. It's only for two years. You could say, we are going on a money mission. Lol We are also going to be combining our kids birthday parties. This way I only have to spend money on the food, location, favors, etc, once. 
We've already cut up all credit cards, switched to basic phones to save on our phone bill, and only have Netflix. No cable or other TV services. We got rid of all monthly member ships, and are only keeping dance for bella and karate for tristan. I also make a weekly gas and shopping budget and make my menu fit into that. 
Now You might be asking what Jor and I get to do for fun? 
Well we are trying to make it a point to go on a date once a week, and have it be a mostly free activity and can then go out to eat and only spend $20. Saturday's are our days to do this, or get stuff done, or see friends. Sunday's will be family day and church. Trying to spend that time at home, so the kids can see jordan. 
I'm doing Bella's preschool at home so I don't have to pay for that, and I am only doing facebook Usborne parties so I'm not spending extra money on that. 
It's amazing all these things we can cut out so we can live simply, and reach our goals. It's hard, but will be worh it. Like Dave Ramsey says, "live like no one else, so you can live like no one else" basically, be cheap till out of debt, so you can have the freedoms later. 
I know if Jor and I both work hard, stick to the budget and have faith in the Lord, we can accomplish our goals. Debt really is bondage, and I feel a slave to a master when paying off debts. I don't want to feel that way. I want to pay cash for everything, have a large savings for emergencies, and spend smart. Thus I will be able to help those in need, help my children, have money for retirement and be ready for whatever finance trial comes our way. 
So please bare with us as we make finacial family changes for the better. 
(I'm even debating selling the acura, but it is nice to have a car that though it's a 2008, doesn't need any major work done to it, aside from a slow leaking tire, and is reliable incase the van ever crapped out. Which by the way is running suburb with all the work Jor has done to it. It's nice having a paid off vehicle, and a sexy mechanic who works on it.😉)

Our awesome basic touch phones. I miss my iPhone, but am making due. 
Had to put jewel stickers on my phone to tell it apart from Jordan's. They don't make many cases for it. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

My FB post

I have gotten a lot of wonderful feed back from so many about a recent article I posted on facebook that I felt I related to in some ways. 
So I should clarify a bit. I know the Lord loves me. I, in this worldly state, feel like I'm trying so hard at so many things and not succeeding. Things that do need to be done, And I am struggling to get it together. No I don't feel like leaving the church, but I feel inactive since I struggle to make it to sacrament. I feel I need to have well behaved children at all times, clean house, be in shape, look good ( both to my definition), be a great wife, be a happy church member. This isn't real. I know trials are good and help us grow. But honesty I need to put the lord and my family first. But doing so has been a struggle lately. I'm stuck on glue. Even ask my husband, my energy has lacked. I wonder if I do have some hormone imbalance that is aiding in how I feel. 
Now please know, jordan is wonderful, and my faith is wonderful. I in no way am saying jordan, or the Mormon doctrine  is why I feel this way. It is because I haven't been putting the Lord first that this has been this way. I know this. Just knowing and doing, are two different things. Doing takes time, practice, routine. 
Also, no I don't have cause to meet with the bishop either, except to say, hey, I might need help in becoming a better member and child of God. 
I thank everyone for their kind words. For letting me know, I a, not alone. I don't like to make things a big deal, or draw attention to myself for drama sake. But I kinda did. In doing so, it did let me know I really have great friends everywhere willing to help. And that is one beautiful lesson to learn. 
Thank you 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tiny dancer and karate man

Today we had a busy day. We needed to clean house, get things ready for school starting, and we had ballet, karate, and Tristan's open house at school. 

Starting with Bella's ballet, we actually made it early. Bella dis so well in her class. She followed the teacher and did the right moves. So cute and adorable. Plus today I found one of my old dance bags and cleaned it out for her. She loved it. 
She looks like a pro!

Then we had karate. They actually overlap each other so I am running from one to other. Only getting to watch about 10 mins each in broken parts. 
Tristan did awesome and earned a red stripe on his belt. He needs 1 red stripe and 4 black stripes to graduate to the next level. His teacher thinks he will reach this in October. The down fall, is every graduation has a $40 fee. So I'm wondering, how many graduations in a year does he have? Karate is so expensive! And we aren't even competing. It's as expensive as hockey. Bella's dance class with costume is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of karate. 
Non the less, I am super proud of tristan and think this is a great fit for him. 
Lastly we made it to the open house. Tristan's teacher is Mrs. Stoltz. She has been teaching at Twin Lakes for 3 years. She is a former Vikings Cheerleader, and seems very much willing to help tristan succed. She also loves that I can provide Usborne Books. 
She did so,etching really cool, she had special markers that the parents could use to write a note on the kids desks for the first day of school. I should have snapped a pic of what I wrote. I will on the first day. Tristan didn't want his picture taken since his face is a little torn up from his bike accident. So I could only get one, and no smile. 
The poor kid is so self conscious and gets embarrassed easily. Surprised for how young he is. But that's him. Hope this looks a lot better by next Tuesday so he isn't affriad to make friends. 

Plexus day one and other exciting news

So I started plexus yesterday. Started at 176lbs. Stomach pains and headaches once a week. Hoping this will help me have a healthier gut. And in turn, help me lose weight. 

Jozette also learned how to crawl today
And Tristan decided to get in a fight with the pavement. 
Now he has liquid stitches, and a tough look for meeting his teacher tonight. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life changers

So a lot has happened recently. I stopped my UBAM business. I'm finishing out commitments and then will do some FB parties if people want. I'm not actively seeking out host. Also we are getting rid of our smart phones on the 19th. Jordan and I don't want to be apart of the zombie cell phone apocalypse. We also want to save money on our phone bill. In addition we have quit the YMCA because I didn't use it like I thought I would. Back to trying to work out at home. This too will save us money. 
Jordan is working so hard, and long hours. Four 12 hour shifts and an eight hour shift every week. Needless to say, it's hard on him, me and the kids. It's especially hard on Tristan. 
We thought that when we moved into our own house, and tristan had his own room, that he would be happier. He's not. We are struggling, and he is struggling with all the change. I hope once school starts and karate, he will do better with the schedule, and use the karate as a healthy outlet for frustration. 
I've been so stressed trying to manage the house, bills, kids, work and church, that something had to give. My business. 
I loved UBAM. I was doing well with UBAM. Hardest decision that I fought for months. But I know it's right. Im not super woman who can handle it all. But honestly, the kids and house cleaning are my work. Because I am home with the kids, I have to clean that kitchen 5 times a day. After every meal and snack. If I worked and kids went to daycare, wouldnt have to clean as much. The kids wouldn't be home to mess it up. I always wanted to be a SAHM. So I'm not complaining that I have to clean it 5 times a day. I'm just saying; taking care of the kids, the house (yes the kids help, but they are 6 and 3), the bills, the errands and myself, that's a lot of work. My kids are young once and I want to enjoy it. Especially now when they need me most. I don't want to be on the phone and computer all the time working. I want to clean house and play with them. Plus I'm homeschooling bella this year. So if it can't be done after they are in bed, forget it. My kids and husband are in need of all of me right now. Jordan also makes enough with the long hours to get us out of debt in two years. I want the weekends for us, for him to relax. So if I work on the house, he can. 

Also I've been not doing to well in the health department. I get a migraine at least evey otherday. Some are not so bad, and some debilitate me. I also get a bad stomach flare up, that almost makes me pass out once a week. So in efforts to control that, I'm trying to work out more, eat better and am starting Plexus. I'm starting that today. It's supposed to help clean out your gut, give you energy and help you loose weight. It's suppose to balance my cholesterol, blood sugars, and lipids. It's also supposed to help tristan with his behaviors and jordan have more energy. If you want more info on this too, check out this website:
I am not actively selling it, but like my UBAM site, it's there if you want it. 

I am hoping for great change this coming month. I hope the schedule of getting up at 8am for school, helps me get up and work out and do better at getting up for church. We have been terrible lately. I know I need to put God first and everything will fall into place. I feel I've been stuck on glue. I'm trying to do all these things for the better, but yet am not getting anywhere. I know we will. Change is hard and slow. 
I am grateful for my loving husband and family that helps us. I have enjoyed the summer with tristan and am sad he's starting school. There's still so much I wanted to do with him, but not having a car this last month made it really hard. 
I'm glad the car will be done tomorrow, and I get some freedom back. 
Things are going to get better around here. Jor and I will reach our goals (like getting out of credit debt in two years), and the kids will survive. We can do this, we might just need the Lords help. 
Enough of my ramblings ( which this was, no organization of thought), and enjoy some recent pictures. 
I didn't post these, and now I will be taking 9 month photos. 
Hmmm.... How to take over the world? 
The new game changer. I hope it works. 

And how I feel, everyday. Lol 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It finally happened!

Tristan finally learned how to ride his bike on two wheels. For months I knew he could, he just lacked the will and confidence. As we struggled with this task, and showed him that the 3 three year olds across the street could ride a two wheeler, I thought he'd never want to do it. He would ride with training wheels that wouldn't even touch the ground most of the the time. But he needed that safety net. I stopped trying to force it and the bike sat for two months. 

I watched this video on what it's like for autistic kids dealing with everyday things, like taking a showe, how thats a struggle. And it is. When I try to help him wash his hair, he screams. The sensory overload of the shower is too much at times. But he's too big for the tub and doesn't fit. And the video talked about how it takes them longer to learn to ride their bikes, when all their friends can, and they can't. I burst into tears at that point. So I bought him a scooter. His friends had a scooter too, so I thought at least he can scoot around with them and not be left out. That worked till yesterday. 

We have a dirt road near our neighborhood that is fun to walk on. Yesterday his buddy Haakon was going on a bike ride with his family and invited tristan to go on the first road with them. I asked Tristan if they were scootering or biking. I knew you couldn't take a scooter on there easily. He said bike, so I told him he couldn't go unless he road his bike. He wanted to try right then and there. So we did.

It took him one time in the grass. He peddled and was off, all on his own. Then we tried on the road, and off he went. I was so happy for him. He was so happy. His friends were so happy for him! He just decided he wanted to, finally had the confidence, and off he went. 

It's funny what joy this brings me. A little milestone that seemed like a mountain for us. He can do it! He can ride his bike. He is a little more Tristan and a little less, Tristan who is autistic and has trouble. It's not that it is a bad thing to be autistic, but when I see the heart break and stress it causes him when he wants to be like his friends, it's moments like this that I can breath. He did it! He road his bike! 

I have a video, but it won't let me add it to the blog. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A month of first!

Hi there, because I have decided to not have facebook be my main way of sharing my life, I'm going to try and blog more. 
This month we had some first. As some saw, tristan lost his first tooth and Jozette got her first two teeth. So we got Jozette her first toothbrush, and she loves it. She loves chewing on it and having her mouth cleaned. 

Another first is Tristan started karate, and tomorrow starts Hip-hop. He is loving karate. He is so proud to show off his moves, and feels strong. He also loves ninjas, so this is perfect. 

Annabella started her dance class today. This is her second class. We are at a new studio in Elk River by our home. While I miss Nmotion and Sarah, I'm happy with this studio because the owner used to work with Sarah, and that makes me feel better. Plus they focus on technique, terms and fun. 

Sote to second

So enjoy the pictures, we sure have a busy year ahead of us. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jozette Rosalie Thibodeau

This is the story of The birth of Jozette Rosalie Thibodeau born November 29th, 2014 at 12:29pm, one day after her due date. She weighed 8lbs and was 20 inches even. Our smallest babe.

The day before Jozette was born was Black Friday. I had been out shopping Thanksgiving night and getting weird looks, I guess I looked ready to pop. I had been having little contractions on and off and knew Jozette was coming that weekend. I sent the kids to Nana's in preparation. On Black Friday, Jor and I went to lunch at P.F Chang's with my mom to get spicy chicken to help labor move along. I had done a lot of walking and just wanted to encourage things to keep going. We just enjoyed the day and waited for things to happen.
On November 29th I woke up at 5:30am to bloody show, no contractions, and Jozette was very still. Now when I say bloody show, I mean, a lot! So I got worried. Called the midwife and told her I was coming in. Left the house at 6am. While driving to Abbott, I called the Doula and told them what was going on. We arrived in triage around 6:30. My midwife checked me, said bleeding was fine, and I was at a 4 and 50% effaced. This would be the only time I was checked.While in triage I starting having really strong contractions really close together, and POP!!!!! My water broke. Felt like a water balloon bursting inside of me. I gushed and unfortunately it was yellow. That means that Jozette had pooped inside. This meant that a pediatrician would be present at the birth and there could be a possibility that she could aspirate the meconium, needing medical attention. This happened at 7am. I cried a bit from fear and from the fact that this was all happening so fast. Wasn't long after I had my water broken with Bella that she was here. I didn't feel ready at that moment. I expected to labor longer. The decision was made to admit me, and put me in a L&D room. The triage nurse gave me a high-five as I walked out. Lol.
After we were settled in L&D my contractions slowed, my Doula came, and I was able to relax and get my pic line in case of an emergent situation being a VBAC. I took about an hour nap listening to my hypnobirithing CD, the was encouraged to walk around and get things moving again, my Doula, Kerry, was a great company and encouragement. It was nice to have her help along win Jordan's. Walking wasn't really doing much, I had to run to really feel anything. So both my Doula and my Midwife Annie suggested nipple stimulation. So we headed to the room, I ate a snack, it was around lunch time, and told the midwife we'd probably have a baby around 3pm the way things were moving. We had done nipple stimulation with Bella and it didn't help do anything. So I didn't think it would make things faster. I okay'd my Doula and midwife to grab lunch.
I positioned myself comfortably on my side, covered in my blankets. After 15 minutes of stimulation I could suddenly feel Jozette drop into my pelvis and she was coming. Contractions picked up, were strong and every 30seconds. I went from no contractions, to bam! Her she is. I kicked off all the covers and told jor to get whoever he could find because the baby was coming. He got the nurse, and when she came in, I had a moment of weakness and asked for Fetinal. Bless her, she said no and that we were just going to have this baby, the pressure on my hips was so painful I couldn't move. They had to cut my underwear off because I couldn't move. My body started pushing, I told jor to text the doula to come back, in came the midwife. They asked me to lift my leg because I was pushing on my side with my legs closed. I couldn't do it. My hips were immobilizing me. The nurse held my leg, and I pushed with the contraction. In came my doula, just in time. She hadn't gotten the text because jor text the wrong person. Lol. Both her and Jordan encouraged me. My midwife supporting me and telling me to listen to my body. Another contraction another push. And it hurt! I asked if they could pull her out yet, nope. Had one more push. I gave it all I got. Had to stop and breath for a warm compress to not tear, pushed, stopped to get cord from around her neck, push, and out she came! I pushed for 10 minutes, and boom, there she was. She wasn't crying at first so they took her, rubbed her, and all was fine. She didn't aspirate any meconium. They brought her to me, and she was beautiful! What a sweet moment. Held her skin to skin, and then the trouble began. Out came the placenta. It was a bit calcified. (That combined with her peely hands and feet suggested she was over due, but her jaundice, suggested early. So right on time). While holding her the nurse asked if I felt ok, if I was dizzy. I felt great! But my blood pressure was extremely low. I gave Jozette to Jordan. I was hemorrhaging , and this hurt worse then pushing her out. They had to push on my uterus to get it contract, and thank goodness for the pic line, I needed pitocen to help stop the bleeding and get my uterus to contract. And thank goodness for Kerry letting me squeeze her hand while I yelled stop and break from the pushing on my stomach.
After a lot of pain and pushing on my uterus, I was finally OK and just got to bond with my baby. I soaked in these moments, knowing she was my last. Right after I pushed her out, I said I was done. Our family felt complete, and my body felt done. It was amazing to have gone in labor on my own, no castor oil, no pitocin to keep things moving. Everything was natural, med free. Until after. It was just the experience I wanted. It was about 6 hours form start to finish, hardly any contractions, no pain until she was coming out.  It was my perfect labor and delivery.
Such a joy and blessing the whole experience was, and I am so blessed to have this sweet girl as part of our family. I am also blessed to have a supportive husband, who didn't have to do much other then just enjoy the experience.

thanks to Ashley Edan photography for the pictures of Jozette Rosalie