Monday, March 18, 2013

The little acts of kindness

I have been waiting for something heartfelt to write about, and on Thursday it happened. It started out as an average day. No school so we took our time getting ready. it was a sunny day outside, and I didn't want to be trapped in the house. I was also going to the zoo the next day and wanted to get my errands ran before then. I decided I would take Jordan to work and keep the car to run the few errands I had with the kids, by myself.
Now since Bella is over a year old that doesn't seem like a huge task. But for me it is. Jordan works nights, and we only have one car, so usually if I need to run errands, he comes with me and the kids, making it easier. I haven't really had the opportunity to adjust to taking care of two kids by myself out side the home. So Thursday was the day I was going to attempt it for a long period of time. We needed to run to the bank, get tabs for the car, drop off cookies to a friend in the ward, Doctor (more about that later), Costco and last, Target! I thought that I could get all of this done in like 2 1/2 hours. Yeah, maybe with one kid! lol

K so side note: Bella got her first ear infection around her 1 year check up. It has not gone away, and we are now on round three. This means amoxicillin for 1 month straight. If this doesn't work then she needs 2 more infections until they will do tubes. I hope the medicine works this time with the thought of spring approaching. But she is also teething which doesn't help things.

So I start my errands and all is going well. The doctor was fast and then we made it through Costco without Tristan having a melt down, which is a big deal. Every time we go into that store he melts down. I think because it is so large it is overwhelming for him, and we get stopped numerous times because people love his hair. What can I say other then that kid was blessed with awesome hair, but not a social personality.
I realize it is getting late, 5pm and the kids are getting hungry. To avoid a melt down in target to get the prescription, I decide I should feed the kids. We go to Noodles and Company and get the huge (regular) order of mac and cheese to share for $5.  We got a premo parking spot right in front, and in the time it takes me to get both kids out of the car, crowds file in. I mean in the matter of 3 minutes. I guess it is Maple Grove at dinner time. So we wait in line, while Tristan found us a table. I order sit down, and the food is taking a long time. To be understood, they were busy. So I give Tristan my phone to watch train videos, which weren't loading on the wifi and told him that when the food comes he will need to put it away. First mistake, giving him the phone; it still wasn't working when the food came, bring on the start of the melt down. Then I ask the lady for another bowl and spoon. she agrees to grab it. IT NEVER COMES! This makes matters worse as Tristan now refuses to share with Bella and I because he wants his own. His pleas and cry's become very loud. As I am trying to feed Bella who is always starving, and prevent her from grabbing the food and drink, I am trying to calmly tell Tristan that he needs to calm down, stop yelling and crying. I tell him I understand that he wants his own, but that the people are too busy to bring us one. Also the line was too long for me to ask for one, and when I get up I can't see the kids and didn't want to just leave them.
I tell Tristan that this is dinner time, if he doesn't eat now, he won't be eating and that we will leave now if he doesn't stop crying and yelling. He continues to carry on, people are looking, so I get up and get a to go container that was right behind us (yes if I had extra silverware I would have used the container as his own bowl). This does the trick, he settles down, decides to sit next to me and starts to calm down enough to eat.
Then this is when the beautiful moment happens. I am obviously flustered, knowing we need to eat now so we can get to Target. This wonderful woman who was there with her high school aged son walks over to me. I assumed she was going to comment on Tristan, either his outburst or his hair. She surprised me and said "You are doing a wonderful job!" I about started to cry right then and there. What a marvelous thing to say to me. Right when I needed it most. I felt I was failing at taking two kids out. I was rather looking forward to taking them out and thought it would be fun. How would I ever have 3 kids if I can't handle 2.
It's acts like this woman's, that we need more of! More people supporting us mothers who are trying so hard to raise our children right! Who honestly love their children and want to be good mothers. I did tell that woman thank you, but I doubt she knew exactly how thankful I was to her. But then maybe she did because she had probably been there.