Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My dear son, Tristan

Today I got the results of Tristan's ADOS test. This diagnosis is on the educational side. This is not a medical diagnosis. They are 2 separate things and this is only for how his learning abilities are impacted. So the result is that he is on the Autism Spectrum as a high functioning child. He does qualify for special education but just barely. So every three years they do another assessment to see where he is at. This is good, because with the help he will receive, and the fact that we are starting this intervention early he may not need special education forever, and may have a completely "normal" life. Now I am trying to not get my hopes up, I want to be ready for whatever outcome. When I meet to develop his IEP (individual education plan) I will know more.

This being said, I have to learn how to help Tristan at home, and change how we do things. This also means my family will as well. Whatever plan we set up at home has to be followed by others to keep the consistency.

But most importantly, Tristan is still my sweet little boy, who loves to be outside, loves to play, and read. He loves to learn and be independent. I can handle this. I love him so very much and will do my best for him. I am so thankful for the programs available for Tristan. I am actually excited to see what the future holds for him, and nervous all at the same time. The Lord will help me be the best parent I can for him, and I hope that I am at least successful in being his mom, and showing him how much I love him and care.