Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Politics bring out my ugly side

Well as we all know, I am not happy about recent events, and I really am serious about moving to Idaho. Maybe this was just what I needed to get me motivated again. I think that the Lord sent us to MN to have Bella, for me to be home with the kids, and to find out that we really don't like living here in MN. We saw family and friends more living in Idaho then we do here. Anyways, here is my plan to cope with the government choices.

1. Get out of debt
2. Rely on the Lord and what he would have me do
3. Become spiritually and financially ready for these hard times a head
4. Prepare for the second coming and all the will precede it.
5. Teach my children the gospel (I already am but can always do better)
6. Strengthen my personal relationship with the Lord
7. Listen to the prophet and apostles. They know what to do
8. Be temple worthy and faithful
9. Try to do good for my family and for those around me
10. Keep my goals in sight and never loose hope.

The Lord is always with me and will see me through. If I am worthy and ready I have no need to fear. I must do better and be strong. I was chosen to come at this time, I must be able to endure and fight for what is right! Just because there is a new president, and I don't agree with what he will put in place, I have the freedom to disagree and fight for the right! I will stand up and choose the right for my family, my gospel and for my country! This is the Lords promise land and it will not be destroyed. In God I trust!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day

Today honestly decides how long Jordan and I will be staying in MN. If Obama wins there is no way we could ever afford to live in this state with Jordan's career or even if he decided to got back to school. We would be broke because the cost of daycare and me going back to work is not worth it.

Also if the Marriage amendment doesn't pass, I won't live here because I refuse to allow that any form of marriage is ok. That is not in accordance with my beliefs and I will not have my children taught other wise. But like I have said before, I am ok with Gay/Lesbian couples having the same civil rights as a married couple as long as it doesn't change the definition of marriage. They say that we should not let our religious beliefs impact others choices, but to legalize gay marriage does impact my beliefs and will lead to teaching my children in public school that any kind of couples can marry, and  I don't agree with that. How is that any better. Plus it will open the door for all marriages, incest, plural, cousins, person to animal (yes that is extreme but I am sure someone wants to do it) to be able to marry. To me this is just one of Satan's ways to destroy the family as God had created it.

Now for those who read this that may not know me well, I love everyone, including my gay friends, I just don't agree with their life style choices. Just like I don't agree with smoking and drinking. But that doesn't mean I don't love people or think that they are good. A good example of a gay person that I have had the opportunity to read about from his personal blog is Josh Weed. look him up on "the weed". It may help explain my view a little better. Not saying you have to agree with me, but so you can see where I am coming from.

So in summery of a long rant, I will be moving to Idaho sooner then planned if Mitt doesn't win, and the marriage admenment fails.
The end.