Friday, October 19, 2012

Welcome baby Kingston

I am so excited to announce the arrival of my new nephew Kingston Jerome Thibodeau. He was born Monday, October 15th 2012. He is 9 months and 2 hours apart form Bella, and I think that is pretty cool. He was 6lbs 11oz and 20 inches long, and has lots of dark brown hair and dark blueish eyes.  He is such a sweet baby and a joy to us all, especailly his parents, Kristina and Drew. You couldn't stop them from smiling no matter what you did.
On Tuesday morning I got to see them at the hospital. Poor Kristina went through 24 hours of labor and ended up having a Csection. We are very grateful that both baby and momma are healthy and doing well. I was so excited to meet baby Kingston and so was Tristan. Kingston is all he talked about before we got there and after we left. But you wouldn't have known that by the way he acted while there (lol that's my Tristan).
 Anyways,Lisa and Craig watched the kids while Jordan and I got to see the baby. I was so excited to hold my baby nephew. The feeling was amazing. There was so much love in the room and you could tell that this little boy is special. I can't wait to go hold him again now that they are home. I just want to love on him so much! I love when they are fresh from heaven. I also love how tiny he is because none of my babies were that small. they each had 1 1/2 pounds on him. And for a newborn, that's a lot. So here are a bunch of pictures from the hospital. Welcome baby Kingston!
the family

mommas and the boys

fresh out of the oven

Love the baby!

with Nana

happy daddy

with pop pops

with great grandma Lucille

proud uncle Shennon

Happy Aunt Lara

Big cousin Omar

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Watch out Thibodeau house

The exciting news this week......

Bella is crawling! she has been army crawling for sometime but is now up on all fours. And the trouble doesn't stop there. She has been pulling her self to standing in her crib. Time to lower the mattress? I think yes! she will be 9 months on October 15th! So this is early motor development for our hosehold.  She also has 4 teeth, which Tristan didn't get till about 11 to 12 months.

here is our proof!