Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm back!

I have a working computer now! oh how i have missed blogging.
So her is my update.

I have recently started selling Mary Kay again. I am really excited about it so you will prabably see a lot of post on facebook. I love their products and found that they are cheaper then what I am currently buying and do the same things if not more. SO you can give me a call if you are interested or go to my web page www.marykay.com/tnthibodeau. ok enough with my plug for this post.

Bella is now 6 months and is cutting her first 2 teeth and wants to eat everything in sight. we had to wait till Tristan was near 1 year old for this to happen (still waiting on the good eating part).  She has developed a screaming habbit. She screams when hungry, when upset and when happy. And I mean SCREAMS! Tristan screamed, but not like this. She knows what she wants and screams when she can't get it or do it. Poor girl wants to crawl and eat table food so bad.
Funny story with Bella. We went to Famous Daves and shared the pork and ribs. We gave Bella a taste of the corn bread when our food came. MISTAKE! she yelled this grwal kid of yell the whole meal demanding more corn bread. We should have waited till after we were done eating to give her some. ( oh and the kids corn dogs are the bomb, made with their corn bread batter, delish!)

Also Tristan is getting ready for preschool, so we have been school shopping. Bought him pencils, sight words flash cards, letters and numberes flash cards, and a writing dry erase board. We also bought some new cloths. Being me I got them at Children's place for 60% off. I love the sales there.
I can't believe what a a big boy he is. He is so excited to start school. We are still working on writing his name but it will come.

Our adventure with Tristan is never dull. I realized that I have "that kid". Tristan came out of Nursery on Sunday and told me they learned about Jesus and how to sing Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. He said he was nice to his friends and had goldfish and cheerios for snack. He said he got to play with the grocery cart. I thought how great, he enjoys nursery, seems like he's doing well.  Then his teacher told me that he was pushing the grocery cart into friends. Oh the joys of a 3 year old. Now I worry that he suppresed all of his anger from being picked on when he was the young one and is now picking on those younger then him, but he runs from those his age that pick on him. Learning the way of society and soical skills. lol. I truely wonder what happened to my sweet boy. Don't get me wrong, he can be really polite to me, and very helpful with Bella, but to others, not so much. So I appoligize if he is rude to you or your child. We are working on it.
I may have a degree in Child Development and have worked with children, but it is fun learning fisrt hand what works and what doesn't with my kids. Lots of trial and error of therios with my kids. I am greatful for the education I do have to help me.

All things aside, I love my children and each is special in thier own way. Tristan is a thinker and very loving to Bella. This makes me think he will be a good father. And Bella, even though we have only got a glimps of her personality, she is usually very happy and loves to have fun. We will see how she turns out as a teenager. I have a feeling she is going to be my child that trys to sneak out of the house. lol

Here are a few pics of Bella I took just for fun and trying to have as many as i do of Tristan as a baby.

Bella's first pair of bootcut jeans and her baby Abigail

Bella in her cute tutu. Now that she can sit on her own, i want to take some outside in this. I think they will be really cute.