Sunday, January 8, 2012


Well as most of you know, I have cancelled my Csection and feel so much better about my decision. I kinda felt pushed to do the Csection because of her size and the fact that I only have a 10% chance of my VBAC being successful. But truth be told, my feelings on the Csection and how i came to my conclusion to cancel is very similar to deciding if we should move to MN or not. After I decided to have the Csection, worry, confusion, doubt about if i made the right choice or not filled my mind. I had prayed before the ultrasound and before my apts about the decision and Csection seemed the most logical choice. After i signed the consent form to have the Csection preformed 3 days later i still didn't feel right about it. I got a blessing from Jordan, read my scriptures and prayed some more for comfort and to know i made the right choice. I also confided in as many friends and family as i could talk to. It was like i was trying to convince myself that Csection was the right choice. After talking to many and discussing it over with Jordan for the 100th time, I decided to cancel. Once i made that decision i felt free, a weight off my shoulders and clarity in my mind. I called and officially canceled later on Friday.
My doctor was really great and called me to go over more information from my first csection and why it had happened. A lot of this was new to me. First she said that Tristan was turned completely sideways, that he was face up and then wedged sideways at 0 station. No baby can be born in that position, no matter the size of the pelvis. She then said that my labor didn't progress very fast and my pushing for so long created part of the problem. She also mentioned that if i were at her clinic when pregnant with Tristan, they would not have allowed my induction. That my cervix was not near ready, and Tristan was not even in my pelvis at all. I did tell her that i was induced on my request because of my mom being in town for only so long. I should have listen to my gut and not succumb to pressure of time. Had I known then what i know now, I would not have been induced that early or have had an epidural. I asked her that because i was induced and had an epidural if that could have contributed to my body  not getting the natural hormones a body receives to help the pelvis stretch and slow labor with Tristan. She said yes, that is a possibility. She also told me that Annabella"s head is measuring larger then Tristan's was and so is her abdomen. This could make delivery harder and may result in Csection. But if she is facing down, and i do go into labor naturally and don't have an epidural (which is my plan), that can help my pelvis stretch and help my delivery. I told her that i just feel like i need to try the VBAC, and that doing a Csection this early didn't seem right. She politely understood and asked what I would like to do if I hit 41 weeks. Then they usually just Csection, they don't like to induce, but she said depending on what my cervix looked like (since i am already 70% effaced and 2 cm dilated) if i would be interested in a pitocin gel or IV. I told her yes that would be fine to try, better to induce and try VBAC, then if that didn't work I would gladly have a Csection.  She also is going to strip my membranes and we will see if that will get things moving. She was very welcoming to my decisions after having informed me of all the information. I told her, the worse that could happen is that my attempted VBAC turns into a Csection because she is going to  monitor me better then they did in Rexburg, and will not let a repeat of tearing my cervix and uterus happen again my no progression of baby through the pelvis.
I know that whatever happens, and if i follow what the Lord tells me, I will have a healthy baby, and that the Lord will watch over me.
I am so excited to have the opportunity to go into labor naturally and to try and have a natural hypnobirth experience. I felt like i was robbed of what a women's body was designed to do the first time, and now i get my chance.
Please keep me in your prayers that everything will work out fine. I can't wait to meet our little girl, and neither can Jordan or Tristan.
Thanks again to all of my friends and family for your love and support, i am thankful to have a doctor who is willing to listen to me, and thankful to live in an era where we have the medical advances we do to have a healthy baby.
I will keep everyone posted on when she makes her arrival.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Annabella Maylea" Coming Jan 8th 2012

Well here is the update for Annabella. Halloween, Christmas and other info to come later. Need to upload pictures.

Anyways, I went to the doctor on the 30th and had an ultrasound. They measured her at 7lbs 13 oz, in the 89% already. That means that she will either be as big or bigger than Tristan was (8lbs 2oz) which also means I am having a C-section instead of being able to have my natural Hypnobirth that I really wanted. "tear", I am a little sad. They are recommending a csection because they said my pelvis is so small which is why even though I dilated to a 10 and Tristan was in the birth canal, he didn't come out. he was wedged in my pelvis pretty tight, and thus the first csection. They said that if I attempted a VBAC it would most likely turn into a csection, and then healing would be as bad as it was with Tristan and the possibility of tearing my uterus and cervix again would be high. Seeing as I would like at least one more child after this, csection seems the best choice to keep my uterus stronger. The doctor said the only way I could attempt the VBAC is if I went into labor on my own before the 8th and arrived at the hospital at 8cm, and close to pushing. Then it would make since to try for VBAC, so here is to hoping.
Now the reason my csection is scheduled for a Sunday is because the OR is booked all this week and next, the doctor is coming in special for me that day.  If I waited till there was an opening, there would be a great chance of my already going into labor and delivering, and the doctor doesn't think that would be good. I have decided that it is better for all of us if i just get the csection and heal from a "normal" csection then heal from a labor induced csection and try to take care of 2 kids.
So wish me luck, and we are so excited to meet this little girl. And yes, i made sure the ultrasound tech showed me that she is indeed a girl. The csection is scheduled for 9am. Mass text to be sent out once she is here. If you want a pic and I haven't text you before, leave me your number or you will have to wait till we have time to post on facebook and the blog.
Love you all, thank you for your support on this journey. I am truly blessed by the Lord that i was able to go full term and that she is a healthy baby.