Monday, November 21, 2011

The Roller Coaster Never Stops

So this pregnancy is a roller coaster ride that doesn't end. right when I am up, it goes down, and then right back up again. Tristan' s pregnancy was so easy compared to this. So Friday the 11th I got the all clear as my previous post describes. Well all week I had been having contractions and was just contributing them to Braxton Hicks. Even though there were a few that kept me up and i had to breath through. Then on Saturday during my day date with Jordan, but luckily after Breaking Dawn part 1 (which I loved because it is my favorite book and favorite part of that book), is when the contractions started and not during.They hurt so bad and were consistent that I decided i should get checked before making further preparations to go to Michigan.  So needless to say, our date ended in Labor and Delivery instead of at the Christmas Parade.  They monitored me and i was indeed having contractions, and when they checked me i was dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced and baby -2. The doctor said that if they get worse to where i can' t sleep through them or have more then 6 in an hour that last for 40-60 sec, to go back in. If this were to happen, they would have to keep me for 2 days in the hospital, do another round of steroids, and other stuff. They did give me another shot of trubutaline ( I am sure that is not how it's spelled), to stop the contractions. They said i would need to return to the hospital in 24hrs to have an fFn done to test rather I would go into labor in the next 2 weeks or not. Then said that I would not be able to go to Michigan and that I needed to be back on bed rest.  The contractions didn't stop right away so I hung out at my moms for a bit till they went away enough to be sure I didn't need to go back to the hospital. 
I went back to the hospital on Sunday for my fFn and the result was negative. The doctor that called me with the results was not the doctor i saw and she just left me a message and said the i could go to MI. So i called today to be sure that everyone was on the same page, and they are. So yes, the trip is back on and we leave in 2 hrs. I just need to take it easy and if i have contractions again i can take Tylenol. If they are really bad, then i will just have to get another shot in MI. The cost for out of network i don't even want to know.
So there it is in a nut shell, they want to keep her in as long as possible, but when i hit 36 weeks, they won't do anything to stop labor.
This baby girl just has a mind of her own. I am so ready to meet her though and be done. Getting to big to breath, eat or sleep. sounds grand doesn't it?

Also this weekend Tristan moved into his own room, and had a real big boy bed. Twin size bed with big boy bedding he picked out. That's my son with great taste. I also am getting part of it ready for Annabella. Now i can really nest.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the good just got better

I went to my doctors appointment on Friday and I am still at "normal" pregnancy status. The best news is that they aren't worried about me at all and took my Preterm labor label off and said, " You may travel to MI."
I am so excited to be of no concern and know that I have a very good chance at going full term, though i would still like to deliver in December if possible. I can't wait to go to MI and see my family. I haven't been to MI in almost 3 years. Half of my family have never seen Tristan in person, and the rest haven't seen him since he was 3 months old. 
It will be  nice to get out of town and do something different. I can't wait to go to Frankenmuth ( German town in MI) and show Tristan the biggest Christmas store in the country. He loves Christmas tress and will have a blast. I also can't wait to eat that yummy chicken dinner.  I am so excited to hang with my family and catch up, and have them see me pregnant with Annabella. The next trip we make out there in the summer they will get to see Annabella. So nice to live in MN and be close enough to drive to MI so that we can see all of the family and Tristan can get to know them.

Bronner's, The World's Largest Christmas Store

Bronners, the largest Christmas store, Christmas 363 days of the year.


Bavarian Inn Restaurant with the best chicken dinner.

I hope that the weather cooperates since we will be driving at night to MI.

Ann Arbor here we come!