Thursday, October 27, 2011

great news!

So today Iwent to the doctor and received great news. I am not dilated anymore and she said my cervix looks great. I am now a "normal" pregnancy and not high rick anymore. This means I can work out and live normal again. I am so happy. I am currently 28W and 4d. Little Annabella sounds good and my blood pressure is great.  Here are some pictures comparing my belly from Tristan to Annabella. I started out at a lighter weight with Tristan than with Annabella, so  take that for what you will. I have gain 17lbs at this point, so I may go over 20lbs but I will still gain less then the 80 I gained with Tristan (but oh, those cocoa bean cupcakes were so good and I had more money before kiddos, lol).

6 months Tristan

6 months Annabella

7 months Tristan
7 months Annabella

Friday, October 14, 2011

test results and the matching game.

So went to the doctor yesterday, everything is ok except i went form 50% effaced to 60% effaced. SO the doc said  more rest, not bed rest, just more rest. My fFn test also came back negative, which again is good. So i go back in 2 weeks and play the game all over again.
I have been feeling great, as long as I am not standing for a long period of time i am fine. That is what seems to bring on the contractions and pressure, standing or just being on my feet to much. But hey, try telling a toddler not to do anything and try telling me to be a useless bumb. I already don't do to much and can't have my abilities limited too much with out going crazy.
All in all, I will be happy to make it to 34 weeks and have a good chance of getting that far.
We toured the labor and delivery center last saturday. It is very nice and homie feeling. They have labor tubs in most of the labor rooms, nurses are willing to follow whatever your birth plan is. (see future post for that, as i am hoping to do a hypnobirth) They also have a nursery that can handle babies born at 34 weeks, but that is the earliest. So if i do go before then, i would have to deliver at Robbinsdale, and that one gehtto.
They also have birthing balls, i pod docks, and a comfy bed for Jor to sleep or rest on while I am labor. BUt he should be by my side unless i am sleeping :) Oh they also have wireless fetal monitors which are great becasue since I am having a VBAC i have to be monitored continuely, but that leaves me the freedom to walk, chnage positions, and hopefully get in the tub.
The part that Jor and I really like, (more thought funny) is they have a system called hugs and kisses which prevents baby theft and giving the wrong baby to the wrong mom. Right at birth, braclets are placed on mom and baby that match electronicaly. If the baby has to leave the room for any reason, when the baby is return, if it is the wrong baby the alarm will go off, if it is the correct baby, a "sweet little luluby" will play. You win, you have matched the correct baby to its mom. Also while walking, if you get to close to the doors with your baby, the alarm will go off. Baby not allowd  to leave till discharged and bracelet off. :) cool huh?
The other part that I like but not sure i will use is that they have bording rooms. If baby needs to stay in the nursery longer for monitoring, but mom has been discharged, there are bording rooms free of charger by the nursery so mom can stay and take care of baby until baby is ready to go home. I may do this for up to 3 days if i need to, but don't want to leave Tristan for too long.
So all in all, the New Maple Grove Hospital looks pretty nice. I hope i can birth Annabella there.
oh and for those from Rexburg, the said they birthed 2000 babies last year in the new hospital and were very proud and made that sound impressive. Rexburg births 3000 at least a year. Funny how different the areas are.
well thats all for now,
till next time