Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Annabella update

 Of my dear Annabella Maylea, (Anna lea, as I call her)
 I went to the doctor today to determine further treatment. I am still at 1/50/-2, so no change which is good (and if you don't like to read about lady parts, skip the next few lines). My cervix is still thin and she can feel the membranes on the other side. Thus meaning there is a very good chance that i will not carry to term. Now being 24 weeks they did the Ffn test, (this determines if i will deliver within 2 weeks or not) if this test comes back positive i will be seen in one week and we will go from there to determine what to do. If it is negative i come back in 2 weeks for another Ffn. They did start the steroid shot, got one today, and will get one tomorrow. I am still on modified bed rest. If the baby were to be delivered soon, there is a very good survival rate, though not with out hardships and possible disabilities later in life. I also had my glucose and test and past with flying colors, though i wasn't worried considering she is measuring 5 days younger and my tummy measured 23 1/5 in. Usually an inch for every week. Though i really think she is 5 days gestation younger because my ovulation cycle was off from the bc.
All in all i feel fine and think i can make it to 32 weeks, at this point, until the results come tomorrow we play it week by week. Please pray that i can make it to at least 32 weeks. If not 36.
I had thought in the back of my mind when i found out i was pregnant that maybe the Lord had us move here because either something would go wrong with my pregnancy, or after the birth. I am keeping best thoughts, but am also prepared for whatever come my way.

Here are some of the cloths i recently got and hope that they will fit here and that she won't be to premature.
(though, i was 2 months premature, and my mom said she had to put doll cloths on me, lol. mom had the rh factor, i don't)

Monday, September 26, 2011

The adventures of Tristan

I did it! can you believe it? I actually did it! I cut Tristan's hair. One of the hardest things i have ever done, and yes, i will say it, he was starting to look like a girl.
double fisting the suckers and watching Tangled.
I had to try very hard not to cry. I started out with a trim. When I picked Jor up at the dentist and he saw his hair, he said it wasn't short enough and made me go back. Can you believe it! i had to go back. We cut  a total of 7 inches off. I guess it was a little long.

The after pic, looks better and now people can tell that he is a boy. it was worth it.

So at this point we are living at my moms and Tristan is trying to develop a routine. Well, during nap time, which took an hour to go down (or so i thought), Tristan decided to to be an artist and paint his dresser, the carpet, the walls and his chair. but guessed what he painted with?...................

Yes, that is poop! POOP! here i am pregnant, still sick all day and i have to clean up a child covered in poop. his arms, his hands, his face and yes, his mouth. He had tasted it. YUCK! I also cleaned the rest of the room but the left the carpet for Jordan. The spotbot saved the day.
now fast forward a bit, to the most wonderful get together in MInnesota, The State Fair!
We took Tristan to his state fair prepard for melt downs, and he actually like it. this was his favorite part,
This is him riding the kids snow mobile (or as they say in Idaho, snow machine, threw that in for Becca and Tyson). He also enjoyed sitting on and "driving" the tractors and gators.

Now this was my favorite part of the state fair....

Maroon 5! Go Team Adam! (no Tristan was not here for this) Thank you to mom for the tickets and the fun time. It was also nice to have Jenny with us. we all had a blast. It was the Matt Nathanson, Maroon 5, and Train concert. The worst preformer was Train. so sad, but Maroon 5 was my fave band anyway.

This picture is of Tristan at the apple orchard in Stillwater. We had a great time, and Tristan loved riding the tractor and seeing the apples. He also loved eating the best apple cider doughnuts ever.  So far we are enjoying all of the fun things to do in MN.  Tristan is adjusting. He is such a great little guy and a large joy in our lives.

2nd time around

The grand surprise of being pregnant before we really planned. But of course a good surprise. Am i ready for 2 kids? well i am going to have to be. At least i know the Lord will help me.

Well, here are some pics of my 2nd pregnancy journey. I have been trying to so hard to stay fit and healthy. At this point i was able to do Zumba and Slim in 6 for aerobic activity. I think i was looking pretty good for how far along i was.
This is 4 months, so about 16 weeks

This is at 18 weeks, still looking good, but cloths are getting tight

This is my fave pic. 20 weeks, half way there and I am not as big as i thought i would be. yea! me. this is also the week that we had the ultrasound to find out what we were having. Only Nana Lisa knows! it was so hard waiting till week 21 to find out at the party. ( I think boy)

This is at 22weeks,  I am showing now, it just popped out. Glad that i am starting to look pregnant and not just fat. The up side, we found out we were having a little Girl. (first named Isadora, now named, Annabella Mayleigh (maylea, havn"t decided.) I was shocked when I cut the cake and saw that the inside was dyed PINK. i was so sure for so long that i would have another boy before a girl. I am still getting used to it.
The down side of this photo, is this is the day i went into labor and delivery for having contractions the first time. They sent me home after 4 hours of monitoring.
Annabella's heart beat was good, but when i left i was dilated to 1cm. They told me to drink lots of water and to take it easy and to come back if i had more. So Tuesday I was a little worried because i hadn't felt her move all day. I usually feel her in the A.M. (and have since 17weeks) and she didn't do her usual. Jor said that i was over worried from being in L&D last night so i let it go. But then at 8pm i knew that something was not right. I was having more cramping, thought i felt fluid leaking, and still had not felt her move. I called the on call doc, she told me to go in to L&D at Robbinsdale, not Maple Grove like i like. So i knew this was more serious.
When we got there with Tristan we waited for Craig and Lisa to come get him. Poor Tristan didn't like that one bit once he realised that they weren't coming to play. He was sad and clingy. I tried to hide my fear and tell him everything was ok.
We gave hugs, and Jor and I were off to the 3rd floor. This drunk black lady was in the elevator with 3 of her friends and holding a toddler Tristan's age. we step in the elevator and she says to me, "you better be here for an emergency. we are here for an emergency, her friends tried to quiet her down, so i said to her, " um.., i  am 22 weeks and in labor, i would say that i am here for an emergency." she then proceeded to touch my belly and say, oh poor baby. Can you say AWKWARD! she did that twice before the doors opened for their floor. (first reason why i don't like robbinsdale, Ghetto) So i get admitted and they start the monitors, to a test to make sure i am not loosing amniotic fluid, (luckily came back negative), then after 3 hours of monitoring and an exam, determined i was dilated to 1 1/2 cm. So the gave me the med that starts with a T, to relax my uterus to stop the contractions. This was amazing, it worked very well. Then the Doc actually came in (whom i didn't see the night before, had been with nurses up to this point, which was fine, it's just when the doc has to come in, you know it's not good). She told me that i had to be on strict bed rest and that on Thursday when i had my next appointment they will determine if they will give me more meds to keep contractions down and if they will need to start steroids to develop baby's lungs. I was not going to be allowed to get out of bed except to use the restroom, take a short shower, and grab quick food. I couldn't take care of Tristan or lift him. :-( this broke my heart.