Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To move or not to move, that is the question.

So recently Jor and I have had the opportunity to possibly move home. We would love to be by family, but would greatly miss our Idaho family and the mountains. Plus the communities out here are wonderful. This has been the hardest decision of our lives. We have prayed, and fasted, and have been to the temple trying to determine the Lords will. I hope that today we will know for sure what it is that the Lord has planned for us and that we can decide. It is times like this that you know that things happen for a reason, the Lord does know best and you have to have faith. I am routing for going to MN but I am also praying for understanding of the Lords will if we are to stay here. I would love for Tristan and our future children to grow up near their grandparents and extended family. I want them to know of the importance of family. I also want what is best for them and a great spiritual and learning environment so that they may go on missions and receive the blessings of going to the temple. I have never had such a hard time discerning the spirit and making a decision that could go either way. I have always seeked approval of my decisions from the Lord but have always gotten a straight answer. This truly has been the hardest because i think either decision is right, just one is better, and the Lord know which is. This truly is a test of faith, patience and what is most important in life.
Oh i can't wait to know the answer, and will let all know what is to come.