Monday, November 21, 2011

The Roller Coaster Never Stops

So this pregnancy is a roller coaster ride that doesn't end. right when I am up, it goes down, and then right back up again. Tristan' s pregnancy was so easy compared to this. So Friday the 11th I got the all clear as my previous post describes. Well all week I had been having contractions and was just contributing them to Braxton Hicks. Even though there were a few that kept me up and i had to breath through. Then on Saturday during my day date with Jordan, but luckily after Breaking Dawn part 1 (which I loved because it is my favorite book and favorite part of that book), is when the contractions started and not during.They hurt so bad and were consistent that I decided i should get checked before making further preparations to go to Michigan.  So needless to say, our date ended in Labor and Delivery instead of at the Christmas Parade.  They monitored me and i was indeed having contractions, and when they checked me i was dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced and baby -2. The doctor said that if they get worse to where i can' t sleep through them or have more then 6 in an hour that last for 40-60 sec, to go back in. If this were to happen, they would have to keep me for 2 days in the hospital, do another round of steroids, and other stuff. They did give me another shot of trubutaline ( I am sure that is not how it's spelled), to stop the contractions. They said i would need to return to the hospital in 24hrs to have an fFn done to test rather I would go into labor in the next 2 weeks or not. Then said that I would not be able to go to Michigan and that I needed to be back on bed rest.  The contractions didn't stop right away so I hung out at my moms for a bit till they went away enough to be sure I didn't need to go back to the hospital. 
I went back to the hospital on Sunday for my fFn and the result was negative. The doctor that called me with the results was not the doctor i saw and she just left me a message and said the i could go to MI. So i called today to be sure that everyone was on the same page, and they are. So yes, the trip is back on and we leave in 2 hrs. I just need to take it easy and if i have contractions again i can take Tylenol. If they are really bad, then i will just have to get another shot in MI. The cost for out of network i don't even want to know.
So there it is in a nut shell, they want to keep her in as long as possible, but when i hit 36 weeks, they won't do anything to stop labor.
This baby girl just has a mind of her own. I am so ready to meet her though and be done. Getting to big to breath, eat or sleep. sounds grand doesn't it?

Also this weekend Tristan moved into his own room, and had a real big boy bed. Twin size bed with big boy bedding he picked out. That's my son with great taste. I also am getting part of it ready for Annabella. Now i can really nest.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the good just got better

I went to my doctors appointment on Friday and I am still at "normal" pregnancy status. The best news is that they aren't worried about me at all and took my Preterm labor label off and said, " You may travel to MI."
I am so excited to be of no concern and know that I have a very good chance at going full term, though i would still like to deliver in December if possible. I can't wait to go to MI and see my family. I haven't been to MI in almost 3 years. Half of my family have never seen Tristan in person, and the rest haven't seen him since he was 3 months old. 
It will be  nice to get out of town and do something different. I can't wait to go to Frankenmuth ( German town in MI) and show Tristan the biggest Christmas store in the country. He loves Christmas tress and will have a blast. I also can't wait to eat that yummy chicken dinner.  I am so excited to hang with my family and catch up, and have them see me pregnant with Annabella. The next trip we make out there in the summer they will get to see Annabella. So nice to live in MN and be close enough to drive to MI so that we can see all of the family and Tristan can get to know them.

Bronner's, The World's Largest Christmas Store

Bronners, the largest Christmas store, Christmas 363 days of the year.


Bavarian Inn Restaurant with the best chicken dinner.

I hope that the weather cooperates since we will be driving at night to MI.

Ann Arbor here we come!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

great news!

So today Iwent to the doctor and received great news. I am not dilated anymore and she said my cervix looks great. I am now a "normal" pregnancy and not high rick anymore. This means I can work out and live normal again. I am so happy. I am currently 28W and 4d. Little Annabella sounds good and my blood pressure is great.  Here are some pictures comparing my belly from Tristan to Annabella. I started out at a lighter weight with Tristan than with Annabella, so  take that for what you will. I have gain 17lbs at this point, so I may go over 20lbs but I will still gain less then the 80 I gained with Tristan (but oh, those cocoa bean cupcakes were so good and I had more money before kiddos, lol).

6 months Tristan

6 months Annabella

7 months Tristan
7 months Annabella

Friday, October 14, 2011

test results and the matching game.

So went to the doctor yesterday, everything is ok except i went form 50% effaced to 60% effaced. SO the doc said  more rest, not bed rest, just more rest. My fFn test also came back negative, which again is good. So i go back in 2 weeks and play the game all over again.
I have been feeling great, as long as I am not standing for a long period of time i am fine. That is what seems to bring on the contractions and pressure, standing or just being on my feet to much. But hey, try telling a toddler not to do anything and try telling me to be a useless bumb. I already don't do to much and can't have my abilities limited too much with out going crazy.
All in all, I will be happy to make it to 34 weeks and have a good chance of getting that far.
We toured the labor and delivery center last saturday. It is very nice and homie feeling. They have labor tubs in most of the labor rooms, nurses are willing to follow whatever your birth plan is. (see future post for that, as i am hoping to do a hypnobirth) They also have a nursery that can handle babies born at 34 weeks, but that is the earliest. So if i do go before then, i would have to deliver at Robbinsdale, and that one gehtto.
They also have birthing balls, i pod docks, and a comfy bed for Jor to sleep or rest on while I am labor. BUt he should be by my side unless i am sleeping :) Oh they also have wireless fetal monitors which are great becasue since I am having a VBAC i have to be monitored continuely, but that leaves me the freedom to walk, chnage positions, and hopefully get in the tub.
The part that Jor and I really like, (more thought funny) is they have a system called hugs and kisses which prevents baby theft and giving the wrong baby to the wrong mom. Right at birth, braclets are placed on mom and baby that match electronicaly. If the baby has to leave the room for any reason, when the baby is return, if it is the wrong baby the alarm will go off, if it is the correct baby, a "sweet little luluby" will play. You win, you have matched the correct baby to its mom. Also while walking, if you get to close to the doors with your baby, the alarm will go off. Baby not allowd  to leave till discharged and bracelet off. :) cool huh?
The other part that I like but not sure i will use is that they have bording rooms. If baby needs to stay in the nursery longer for monitoring, but mom has been discharged, there are bording rooms free of charger by the nursery so mom can stay and take care of baby until baby is ready to go home. I may do this for up to 3 days if i need to, but don't want to leave Tristan for too long.
So all in all, the New Maple Grove Hospital looks pretty nice. I hope i can birth Annabella there.
oh and for those from Rexburg, the said they birthed 2000 babies last year in the new hospital and were very proud and made that sound impressive. Rexburg births 3000 at least a year. Funny how different the areas are.
well thats all for now,
till next time

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Annabella update

 Of my dear Annabella Maylea, (Anna lea, as I call her)
 I went to the doctor today to determine further treatment. I am still at 1/50/-2, so no change which is good (and if you don't like to read about lady parts, skip the next few lines). My cervix is still thin and she can feel the membranes on the other side. Thus meaning there is a very good chance that i will not carry to term. Now being 24 weeks they did the Ffn test, (this determines if i will deliver within 2 weeks or not) if this test comes back positive i will be seen in one week and we will go from there to determine what to do. If it is negative i come back in 2 weeks for another Ffn. They did start the steroid shot, got one today, and will get one tomorrow. I am still on modified bed rest. If the baby were to be delivered soon, there is a very good survival rate, though not with out hardships and possible disabilities later in life. I also had my glucose and test and past with flying colors, though i wasn't worried considering she is measuring 5 days younger and my tummy measured 23 1/5 in. Usually an inch for every week. Though i really think she is 5 days gestation younger because my ovulation cycle was off from the bc.
All in all i feel fine and think i can make it to 32 weeks, at this point, until the results come tomorrow we play it week by week. Please pray that i can make it to at least 32 weeks. If not 36.
I had thought in the back of my mind when i found out i was pregnant that maybe the Lord had us move here because either something would go wrong with my pregnancy, or after the birth. I am keeping best thoughts, but am also prepared for whatever come my way.

Here are some of the cloths i recently got and hope that they will fit here and that she won't be to premature.
(though, i was 2 months premature, and my mom said she had to put doll cloths on me, lol. mom had the rh factor, i don't)

Monday, September 26, 2011

The adventures of Tristan

I did it! can you believe it? I actually did it! I cut Tristan's hair. One of the hardest things i have ever done, and yes, i will say it, he was starting to look like a girl.
double fisting the suckers and watching Tangled.
I had to try very hard not to cry. I started out with a trim. When I picked Jor up at the dentist and he saw his hair, he said it wasn't short enough and made me go back. Can you believe it! i had to go back. We cut  a total of 7 inches off. I guess it was a little long.

The after pic, looks better and now people can tell that he is a boy. it was worth it.

So at this point we are living at my moms and Tristan is trying to develop a routine. Well, during nap time, which took an hour to go down (or so i thought), Tristan decided to to be an artist and paint his dresser, the carpet, the walls and his chair. but guessed what he painted with?...................

Yes, that is poop! POOP! here i am pregnant, still sick all day and i have to clean up a child covered in poop. his arms, his hands, his face and yes, his mouth. He had tasted it. YUCK! I also cleaned the rest of the room but the left the carpet for Jordan. The spotbot saved the day.
now fast forward a bit, to the most wonderful get together in MInnesota, The State Fair!
We took Tristan to his state fair prepard for melt downs, and he actually like it. this was his favorite part,
This is him riding the kids snow mobile (or as they say in Idaho, snow machine, threw that in for Becca and Tyson). He also enjoyed sitting on and "driving" the tractors and gators.

Now this was my favorite part of the state fair....

Maroon 5! Go Team Adam! (no Tristan was not here for this) Thank you to mom for the tickets and the fun time. It was also nice to have Jenny with us. we all had a blast. It was the Matt Nathanson, Maroon 5, and Train concert. The worst preformer was Train. so sad, but Maroon 5 was my fave band anyway.

This picture is of Tristan at the apple orchard in Stillwater. We had a great time, and Tristan loved riding the tractor and seeing the apples. He also loved eating the best apple cider doughnuts ever.  So far we are enjoying all of the fun things to do in MN.  Tristan is adjusting. He is such a great little guy and a large joy in our lives.

2nd time around

The grand surprise of being pregnant before we really planned. But of course a good surprise. Am i ready for 2 kids? well i am going to have to be. At least i know the Lord will help me.

Well, here are some pics of my 2nd pregnancy journey. I have been trying to so hard to stay fit and healthy. At this point i was able to do Zumba and Slim in 6 for aerobic activity. I think i was looking pretty good for how far along i was.
This is 4 months, so about 16 weeks

This is at 18 weeks, still looking good, but cloths are getting tight

This is my fave pic. 20 weeks, half way there and I am not as big as i thought i would be. yea! me. this is also the week that we had the ultrasound to find out what we were having. Only Nana Lisa knows! it was so hard waiting till week 21 to find out at the party. ( I think boy)

This is at 22weeks,  I am showing now, it just popped out. Glad that i am starting to look pregnant and not just fat. The up side, we found out we were having a little Girl. (first named Isadora, now named, Annabella Mayleigh (maylea, havn"t decided.) I was shocked when I cut the cake and saw that the inside was dyed PINK. i was so sure for so long that i would have another boy before a girl. I am still getting used to it.
The down side of this photo, is this is the day i went into labor and delivery for having contractions the first time. They sent me home after 4 hours of monitoring.
Annabella's heart beat was good, but when i left i was dilated to 1cm. They told me to drink lots of water and to take it easy and to come back if i had more. So Tuesday I was a little worried because i hadn't felt her move all day. I usually feel her in the A.M. (and have since 17weeks) and she didn't do her usual. Jor said that i was over worried from being in L&D last night so i let it go. But then at 8pm i knew that something was not right. I was having more cramping, thought i felt fluid leaking, and still had not felt her move. I called the on call doc, she told me to go in to L&D at Robbinsdale, not Maple Grove like i like. So i knew this was more serious.
When we got there with Tristan we waited for Craig and Lisa to come get him. Poor Tristan didn't like that one bit once he realised that they weren't coming to play. He was sad and clingy. I tried to hide my fear and tell him everything was ok.
We gave hugs, and Jor and I were off to the 3rd floor. This drunk black lady was in the elevator with 3 of her friends and holding a toddler Tristan's age. we step in the elevator and she says to me, "you better be here for an emergency. we are here for an emergency, her friends tried to quiet her down, so i said to her, " um.., i  am 22 weeks and in labor, i would say that i am here for an emergency." she then proceeded to touch my belly and say, oh poor baby. Can you say AWKWARD! she did that twice before the doors opened for their floor. (first reason why i don't like robbinsdale, Ghetto) So i get admitted and they start the monitors, to a test to make sure i am not loosing amniotic fluid, (luckily came back negative), then after 3 hours of monitoring and an exam, determined i was dilated to 1 1/2 cm. So the gave me the med that starts with a T, to relax my uterus to stop the contractions. This was amazing, it worked very well. Then the Doc actually came in (whom i didn't see the night before, had been with nurses up to this point, which was fine, it's just when the doc has to come in, you know it's not good). She told me that i had to be on strict bed rest and that on Thursday when i had my next appointment they will determine if they will give me more meds to keep contractions down and if they will need to start steroids to develop baby's lungs. I was not going to be allowed to get out of bed except to use the restroom, take a short shower, and grab quick food. I couldn't take care of Tristan or lift him. :-( this broke my heart.

Monday, June 20, 2011

update- we moved and we are expecting!

hi there, well a lot has happened. we decided to move to MN. the Lord said to move, and so we follow His will in faith. It has been a great struggle, but hopefully we can see the will of the Lord soon. also we are expecting baby number 2. a little bit of a shock, as we weren't planning on getting prego till august, but hey, we are still excited. Tristan already says "baby in mommy's tummy". so whirl wind of life in MN has started as we wait for jor to be hired on and insurance. wish us luck.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To move or not to move, that is the question.

So recently Jor and I have had the opportunity to possibly move home. We would love to be by family, but would greatly miss our Idaho family and the mountains. Plus the communities out here are wonderful. This has been the hardest decision of our lives. We have prayed, and fasted, and have been to the temple trying to determine the Lords will. I hope that today we will know for sure what it is that the Lord has planned for us and that we can decide. It is times like this that you know that things happen for a reason, the Lord does know best and you have to have faith. I am routing for going to MN but I am also praying for understanding of the Lords will if we are to stay here. I would love for Tristan and our future children to grow up near their grandparents and extended family. I want them to know of the importance of family. I also want what is best for them and a great spiritual and learning environment so that they may go on missions and receive the blessings of going to the temple. I have never had such a hard time discerning the spirit and making a decision that could go either way. I have always seeked approval of my decisions from the Lord but have always gotten a straight answer. This truly has been the hardest because i think either decision is right, just one is better, and the Lord know which is. This truly is a test of faith, patience and what is most important in life.
Oh i can't wait to know the answer, and will let all know what is to come.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dreams do come TRUE!

I don't know if it's the sun shining that is bringing on this thought but, i was thinking about all I have ever wanted. When I was young, I wanted to be a good young women, get into BYU, get married to a wonderful man in the Nauvoo Temple, have a family, and be a stay at home mom with possibly my own business out of my home. As I sat rocking my screaming toddler, trying to get him to nap, call Jordan on his lunch break so Tristan can talk to him and actually nap ( Tristan refuses to nap till he has talked to dad), I realized a lot of what  I dreamed of has come true.

On August 10th, 2007, I married the man of my dreams for time and all eternity  in the Nauvoo temple. After having met him on December 30th at a singles new years dance where fate had us meet, (if you want to know the details they are cool, just ask me) and then unofficially became engaged on January 20th. I had finally met my prince charming.

Then on April 28th, month and a half before my 23rd b-day and 5 months before our second wedding anniversary, our darling Tristan Nicholes was born. 23 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing, and a c-section later, he weighed  8lbs 2oz, 20 inches long.
Tristan now 21 months old, 35 inches tall and only 22lbs
A year after Tristan was born I graduated from BYU-Idaho (not my first choice, but ended up being the best place for me) In Child Development with a minor in Marriage and Family.

Since graduation I have had to work as a PSR specialist, though i love the kids i work with, i am still trying to be at home with Tristan and eventually get a small part time job or work from home.

I have so much to be thankful for, the Lord has truly blessed my life. Jor has a great hob here in Idaho, and although we miss home and family, this is great for right now. As long as we follow what the Lord will have us do, many more of my dreams will come true (like a 2nd baby?).

glad to be in Idaho right now

So this is the snow in MN right now. If i was at home right now I would cry everyday. Just think how long that will take to melt. Jor complains everyday that we don't have enough snow here and he wants to be at home, but i am thinking, that is too much!