Thursday, September 2, 2010

work and then some

IF only we had internet in our apt, I could actually work on this thing. anyways took cute 1 yr pics of tristan to post. really they should be 18 mo. pics cause he's closer to that then a year now. so when i can actually bring my laptop to the club house they will be posted. untill then i continue to work, but no getting all the hours i wanted, mostly due to sick kids. :( poor kids and poor me. litteraly, lol no kids means no money. :) (the lord will provide, the lord will provide!) that's what i keep telling myself.
The in-laws came and we had an amazing time. I love when they come to visit. but i have sound that i have become an intravert and like my alone time, so i am using this week to get my schedule back and my head on straight. more later as always,
The Thibodeaus