Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tristan's B-day Party!

well this was forever ago, but i am posting pictures. He had to be waken up from his nap so he didn't really have a fun time. but later after he got another nap we went to Bear World and he loved it! he really enjoyed the roller coaster!
Tristan opening his gifts

Cody, Laura, Quinn, Tyson, Becca

laughing on the Roller Coaster

sitting with daddy

Tristan petting the baby bear

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

finally it looks better

Well i got some done on the blog. It is at least readable. so i have started work. I am hoping to get more hours. at the moment i only have 14 but am trying to get to 30. Tristan is 15 months today and still not walking on his own but has taked 3 steps. so soon! He also has started daycare and he has been so mean to me because i think he's mad at me for taking him there. They are really nice people, and he will just have to adjust. Breaks my heart that i have to take him cause everyone knows i would rather stay home with him. well as always, more latter and pictures.